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What's New


Coastal Maine Custom Seafood Freezing  currently offers both IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) and Blast Freezing processes for ALL food grade seafood products, as well as the storage of all products in our 135,000 cu. ft. storage freezer. We are now offering the expanded services of blanching  and/or tray vacuum and MAP packaging to our customers. 


When a customer's product arrives at our facilty, it is immediately loaded into our large Holding Cooler.  The temperature of this room is closely monitered and held at a temperature ranging from 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure product freshness prior to processing and freezing. 


Our IQF Tunnel has a variable speed belt system that will reach temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit with four (4) 7.5hp turbines forming wind speeds in excess of 60 mph creating wind chill temperatures of -90 degrees F (-68 degrees C) and air movement for rapid product freezing.  In order to reduce the rate of frozen product oxidation that eventually leads to "freezer burn", when the product exits the IQF Tunnel our customers have the options of either spray or dipped  water glazing.  This creates a protective coating of surface ice that minimizes dehydration and thus greatly increases the quality shelf life of the product.


For products that are not compatible or economical for our IQF process, our NEW Blast Cell is capable of freezing items in bulk. This process entails placing all of the product into the 2,000 cu. ft. room at temperatures reaching -25 degrees Fahrenheit, and leaving in place until the target product temperature is reached.  


For our customers convenience, again we also provide long term storage for the products we freeze in our 135,000 cu ft. Storage Freezer, our Central Maine Cold Storage entity of our services, and subsequently these products can be directly shipped from our facility. 


We pride ourselves in providing high quality and safely frozen products and offer a guarantee on all items, with a BRC AA certified rating, HACCPUSDA and FDA  inspected and fully insured,  We accomplish this through the use of the Good Management Practices for Food Processing.  We are constantly monitoring the processing times and temperatures of our customer's products, the processing equipment itself, the building environment and the storage freezer both on-site and remotely when the facility is unattended.  Through our on-site pre, during and post processing bacteria & microorganism testing and the regular third party result confirmations, our thorough cleaning & sanitation proceedures for both the processing line and the building itself, our GOLD STANDARD pest control program and our experienced & well trained staff that understands the importance of food safety, we are confident that we provide a clean processing environment.  If a customer wishes to have quallity control tests run on their product, we have a seperate Quality Control room where we can store, thaw, cook and test product.  Of course we also have on staff a number of eager & self-proclaimed experts ready to run these quality and taste tests!  


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions.  Contact Us and discover all we have to offer. Coastal Maine Custom Seafood Freezing and Central Maine Cold Storage we're looking forward to working with you.

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