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Coastal Maine Seafood Custom Freezing, the processing entity of Central Maine Cold Storage, is a new state-of-the-art seafood custom freezing facility located on the North Atlantic coast in Bucksport, Maine.  It is our goal to take more than 80 years of combined experience in the frozen foods industry to meet all of our customer's seafood IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), Blast Freezing, Frozen StoragePackaging and Shipping needs. We also offer Blast Cell Freezing for bait and other products that are too bulky to fit into our IQF.

We can freeze package and store virtually any seafood product, in any amount.    Give us a call to discuss your options.

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Central Maine Cold Storage - Seafood Freezing & Storage Facility

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New blanch chill line and blast cell for bulk items.

Our holding freezer with capacity to store up to 3,000,000 lbs of product

depending on stackability, 135,000 cu. ft.

End of IQF tunnel with blanch/chill rooms in the background

Inside the IQF tunnel 550lbs every 12 minutes, blanched to release the meat from the shell, the lobster remains uncooked and retains the wild natural color of raw. Quick frozen in 12 minutes with -40 degree F air blast with turbo axial fans that produce 60 MPH air circulation with effective wind chill to -90 degrees F, the whole lobster retains the fresh from the water taste and appearance. 

Going through our blanch and into the 34 deg F chiller, assures color and quality.

Immediate netting and into the IQF at -40 deg F within minutes produce the highest quality products.

Available in both 2 pack or 10lb box, our own Totally Maine Lobster Brand, is Blanched and fresh frozen with a glazing to seal freshness and increase shelf life to 18 months, virtually indistinguishable from live cooked.

Our 13,520 cf cooler with 7 drown tanks and room for more. We offer drowning as a cheaper alternative to Blanching, proven to be the most humain way of prepairing for freezing, capacity to process 2,100 lbs with our current configuration every 90 minutes. The water is chilled to 34 degrees F and room temperature 34-38 degrees F keeps constant uniformity to assure every lobster is processed to the highest quality. Our entire facility is refrigerated to assure fresh product recieved can never reach above 60 degrees F and all products immediately after weighing, inspecting and documented is placed in the cooler within minutes of recieving. 

Compessor Room. Dedicated soley to the IQF Tunnel, our state of the art Allen Bradley PLC controlled Ammonia Refrigeration System is comprised of a compound (two stage) style system. This type of sytem has both booster and compressor components that make it much easier to run at low temperatures than a single stage system with 1/3rd less horsepower. Unlike cryogenic freezing that requires immersion into liquid nitrogen or CO2 that ruptures the cell membrane and cracks claws, our system is totally sub zero air flow freezing.

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